Why Modern Gift Giving?

Why MGG?

More than ever, the art of awe, is becoming valued. People are seeking out new experiences, new products and services, new ways to celebrate. 

 We wanted to fuel the passion for ‘newness’ with the art of gifting. 

 This isn’t about ending your love affair with online shopping, we just want to simplify, curate and make it effortless for the intentional gift giver to make a world class impression on their giftee.

Modern Gift Giving Supports:

* small business 

* local business 

* environmentally friendly products 

* woman-owned 

* inclusivity business practices 

* reducing our carbon footprint with recycled materials 

 We don’t just believe in those principles, we uphold them at our very core. 

Modern Gift Giving believes in giving back. We pride ourselves in supporting charities throughout the year.

give back image

Corporate Gifting

When what you say, without saying a word matters - we’ve got the perfect gift, for that. Corporate Gifting is evolving and intentional gifting makes it easier than ever to leave a lasting impression.

Want your giftees to experience relaxation, comfort, joy, excitement and a sense of playfulness? We’ve got a gift for that.

Want them to feel appreciated, loved, deeply connected and trusting? We’ve got one for that too. 

Whatever message you’re trying to send - send it with a Modern Gift. We make giving easy and meaningful.

Some examples of corporate gifting: 

* Charcuterie boards

* Spa and wellness collections 

* Luxury watches and monogramed accessories

* Branded items

* Private dining experiences

* Cookie decorating kits  

We encourage our corporate clients to start with the message you intend to deliver and we’ll craft the gift to support it. If you’ve got a message to send - let us craft the perfect gift to send it.

Personal Gifting

Want to WOW someone in your life with a gift of intention and discernment?

What if you could do it with ease? 

Allow us to curate the perfect gift for the refined person on your gift list. 

Gifts they’ll love - made simple.

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