A Little Antipasto...Goes a Long Way

A Little Antipasto...Goes a Long Way

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This antipasto collection will delight any recipient

Filled with tasty snacks including:

Jan's Farmhouse Cranberry Pistachio Crisps "The Original"

Amalthia Greek Green Olives 

Farmers Market Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Castello Rosenberg Danish Camembert Cheese

Allessia Piquilla Pepper Bruschetta 

Snowdonia Pear Date & Cognac Chutney

Bamboo cutting board with "Antipasto" engraved 6"x0.6"x19.5" 

Cheese & Knife Spreader Set

Packaged in a Rectangular Black Fabric Basket with Matching Liner & Grey Crinkle 

Perfectly packaged with a handwritten note.